By adopting any of our Hosting services you are entering into a binding contract, you, the customer must not use any of our services for the purpose of

Spamming (sending unsolicited email or posting messages to irrelevant UseNet newsgroups that do not explicitly allow advertising, with references to a site hosted on our servers),

or publish Sites containing pornographic material or sites which contain links to adult sites, sites encouraging illegal activity or racism, sites providing instructions of performing illegal activities,

or violate or attempt to violate any of our system & network security. Or any type of tampering with the system with the purpose to inflict harm

and that you are over 18 years of age and legally entitled to enter into binding contracts on behalf of the company or business you are representing

and are legally entitled to the domain name being used.

  • Failure to comply may lead to immediate cessation of the service.

    Kent Surf Systems reserved the right to suspend any services where it suspects illegal activities or inappropriate content is hosted, they also undertake to inform relevant authorities where appropriate.

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