We are a Local IT Support and Development base and a reseller of web space.

We have 20+ years experience providing back end support (computer room & network infrastructure) for several companiesITIL Logo including multinational household names, a vast experience of Microsoft products and servers including 2008 server and Exchange 2007, exposure to Unix/Linux and other Operating Systems, ITIL 3 Foundation Certified.

We have chosen one of the fastest growing UK Internet companies, Heart Internet, for our service provision; from researching several suppliers, this company were found to be the best in class for UK based internet services.  Their state-of-the-art data centres comprise of ultra high-quality connectivity, networking gear, climate control, security and power systems. These facilities are monitored 24/7/365 from their state-of-the-art network operations centre.

How can you compete with that you ask yourselves, we believe in "fair play, fair pay" i.e. what price you see is the price you pay.  When we say Internet hosting from £5.00 per month, that is the price you pay, not £5 + setup fees + credit card charge... and when we start charging VAT, that will also be adsorbed into the price; we believe that customers don't mind paying for value and performance, they usually believe in "fair play, fair pay" too!

When you set up your .co.uk domain website with Kent Surf Systems, our starter package is an initial payment of £10 for 2 years domain registration and £5 per month for our basic tariff, similarly a .com registration is £10 for the yearly registration and £5 per month hosting.

Technology The Heart network is connected to several leading Internet backbone providers and achieve 99+% network uptime for our customers.  These providers have been carefully chosen to give us the most diverse connectivity possible with multiple paths and dual redundant firewalls ready to kick in should a problem arise.  Their servers are all hot swap redundant servers which are backed up nightly and the data stored securely Off Site.

Why Kent Surf Systems?At Kent Surf Systems we add value by injecting the local element, with local service principals and the personal touch.  Our internet prices are also keenly competitive and we also have an e-based support system. 

Why Surfing as a theme.... despite the obvious link of computer systems and surfing the Internet, real surfing requires a similar skill base and characteristics required of a successful web based business; patience, diligence, agility, ability to react quickly to change, we would like to extend these attributes to our customer's experience, it's also chilled out and brilliant fun too.

Bob Kelsall - Profile

Spent much of my childhood racing sailing dinghies in Morecambe Bay, tried surfing in 2002 and love it, favourite spot, Godrevey just left of the E.coli outfall (Red River) love the coffee too, worth the wait.... surfing with seals in October..... Love: All sorts, Surf, Music, Life & Family; Hate: Washing Up after a huge meal.

Eco Notes:  Godrevy, Cornwall - fantastic and safe most of the time but see here (SAS video), the white stuff is surf, the brown stuff is, well it isn't surf.  And that's directly onto working mussel beds, i.e MAFF Designated Bivalve Mollusc Production Area. - Surfers Against Sewage, keep up the good work.